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teambuilding Breaking down barriers results in better performing teams so consider including team building activities at your next seminar, conference or team meeting.

Changing perceptions

The secret to effective team building appears to be the inclusion of fun. Activities involving laughter, conversation and movement change the way we interact with co-workers. As a result, our perceptions of our colleagues change and we learn new ways to interact with each other.

How to plan a team building activity

In order to create high impact learning experiences, team building activities need to be carefully and expertly facilitated.

Before selecting your facilitator or deciding on a team building activity, you need to consider:

  1. The goals or outcomes you wish to achieve
  2. The amount of time you’ll have available on the day of your seminar, conference or team meeting
  3. The diversity of your team

Consider team diversity

Team members will have different interests and fitness levels. They may cover diverse age groups or cultures. This diversity means the team building activity must be carefully selected and facilitated to ensure it does not alienate anyone.

After all, the purpose of including a team building activity is to bring your staff together – not highlight their differences. So ensure your facilitator is aware of the diversity of your team when booking your business event.

Taking it offsite

Businesses often find team meetings are more effective if they are held off-site. It allows management to control distractions – including contact with the office. However you may need to obtain approval from the venue to run your team building activity.

Some venues offer facilitated team building activities as part of their business event packages. This makes it easier to organise your event because all activities will be pre-approved by the venue.

Enter a business playground

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park offers a cost effective team building package that includes a 1½ – 2 hour facilitated team building activity.

Businesses that have taken advantage of the package report their staff perform better throughout the day when an activity is included. They also remark they experience increased productivity and better inter-department relationships as a result of the team building activities delivered at WatervieW.


CHRISTENING LAKE 7 - All things cake and small 1 18.4.2014 The arrival of a new member of your family is a joyous event. Whether your family is Christian, from a non-Christian background or simply not religious, most parents like to celebrate the birth of their baby.

Naming Days

Many cultures regard a person’s Naming Day as more important than their birthday. Some parents hold a Naming Day ceremony as a non-religious way to officially welcome their baby into the world. For others, it is simply a party to introduce their baby to friends and family.

Christenings & Baptisms

Christening and Baptism ceremonies vary amongst Christian faiths and even between congregations. They are usually held during a regular church service or immediately after it. After the religious formalities, the parents may invite the godparents and immediate family for lunch or use the after church celebrations as an opportunity to celebrate with extended family and friends.

When are they held?

There are no fixed rules on when to hold your baby’s Baptism, Christening or Naming Day celebration. Some parents like the ceremony to be held within weeks of their baby’s birth while others wait several months.

Traditional Baptism, Christening & Naming Day Gowns

Some families have Baptism, Christening or Naming Day gowns that are passed down from one generation to the next. Some new mums use the fabric from their wedding dress to make a beautiful outfit for their baby.

Traditional Naming Day, Christening and Baptism gowns are long with lace or embroidered panels. However, these days it is acceptable to choose a more modern outfit for your baby’s special day.

Keepsakes and Mementos

Some parents like to give their children a memento of their Christening, Baptism or Naming Day. Here are a few ideas.

  1. A Memory Book

Give your child a permanent record of his or her special day by asking each guest to write a message and sign your baby’s Memory Book. After the celebrations, add photos from the day, a copy of the invitation and Baptism or Christening certificate.

  1. A Book of Promises

A Book of Promises asks each guest to make a pledge to teach the new baby a skill later in life. Examples are “I promise to take you ice-skating when you are 10 years old” or “When you are old enough, I’ll take you for driving practice”. A Book of Promises is a wonderful way to provide your child with an extended network of advisers throughout his or her life.

A great place to celebrate

It’s relaxed and easy to celebrate your baby’s Naming Day, Christening or Baptism at WatervieW in Bicentennial Park with special occasion packages to suit every celebration. Surrounded by beautiful parklands with ample guest parking, it has a wonderful atmosphere for your baby’s special day.

Enquire online or call 02 9764 9900 to speak to one of our event managers.

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