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February wedding In many families, wedding photos are passed down from one generation to the next. So how do you make sure you have fabulous photos of your wedding? Here’s our guide.

Choose the right photographer

Your wedding photos will be a permanent record of your special day so don’t choose your photographer based on price. Ask friends and recently married family members if they were happy with their photographer. If you are considering using someone you don’t know, ask to see examples of the photographer’s work and speak to a couple of past clients.

Select your style

These days, wedding photos can be far more interesting than a line-up of family members. In fact, some photographers specialise in particular styles such as quirky, vintage, romantic, Trash the Dress and classic. If you have a particular style of wedding photo in mind, make sure your photographer is happy to do this style and again, ask to see examples of their work.

Make a list of must-have shots

There may be certain moments of your wedding ceremony and reception you want photographed. Give your photographer a list of these moments along with a schedule of the day so s/he will know when to expect them. If your ceremony or reception is being held in a scenic location, there may also be location shots you want to include in your wedding album so advise your photographer in advance.

Give your photographer a knowledgeable assistant

Weddings are often the only time families come together. As a result, there may be family group photos you want to include in your album. It can be hard for the photographer to know who everyone is so ask a friend or family member to assist the photographer by identifying key family members. Your nominated assistant may also need to find key people for the big family photos so make sure he or she is both diplomatic and assertive.

A beautiful location

Many couples choose WatervieW in Bicentennial Park for its beautiful parkland setting and the opportunity to have their wedding ceremony and reception in the one stunning location.

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