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Halloween is just around the corner and although we know it’s an American tradition, we can’t help being inspired by the striking hues and dark romance. So here are 13 amazing black wedding dress that are definitely more treat than trick…

1. This sheer perfection

2. Pure opulence from Craig Braybrook Couture

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3. The ‘Gala’ gown and black veil by Cleo and Clementine

4. This romantic number by Anna Chudova

5. The ‘Lily’ gown by Isabella Couture

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6. A custom-made piece by Jade Bridal

7. A ‘Dark Princess’ look by Ju.Lee Collection

8. The ‘Jagger’ from And For Love

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9. Black lace on sandstone lining by Rebecca Schoneveld

10. The ‘Black Swan by Claire La Faye

A photo posted by Claire La Faye (@clairelafaye) on

11. The ‘Neptune’ gown by Galia Lahav

12. The ‘Kristen’ from the Alisa 2016 Dark Angel collection

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13. ‘Furiosa’ by Elizabeth Dye

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Presenting your school formal date with a corsage (for girls) or a floral buttonhole (for boys) is very nice gesture but it needs a bit of planning to ensure you get it right. Here are 6 tips to help you.


  1. Corsage Options

Wrist corsages are the most popular style because they are easy to wear and won’t damage the girl’s dress. Traditional corsages are worn near the shoulder and are secured with a pin or small magnet. Hair corsages can also be worn, depending on the girl’s hairstyle. Corsage bracelets, beads, butterflies and other trimmings can be added to the flowers creating a more intricate design.


  1. Floral Buttonholes

The boy’s floral buttonhole usually matches his date’s corsage but tends to be simpler and smaller. Floral buttonholes are worn on the lapel and held in place with a pin. The flower always appears at the top of the buttonhole with the stem pointing towards the floor.


  1. Flowers to the Left

Corsages and floral buttonholes are always worn on the left. The exception is for left handed girls who are wearing a wrist corsage. Etiquette permits them to wear their corsage on their right wrist for comfort and convenience.


  1. Choosing the Flowers

Take the advice of your florist and choose flowers that are in season. They will last longer and are more likely to maintain their fragrance. But beware of fragrant flowers if you or your date suffer from hayfever.

Another consideration is the colour of your outfits. Corsages and buttonholes should complement your outfits. Again, seek the advice of your florist and take a photo or fabric sample of your outfit when you are ordering your flowers.


  1. Ordering the Flowers

Each corsage or buttonhole is made to order so don’t leave it until the day of your school formal to place your order. Plan ahead and order about 1 week before your school formal is held.


  1. Surprising your Date

Often the corsage and floral buttonhole are ordered at the same time. If your date hasn’t mentioned flowers and you would like to surprise him or her, ask your florist for a neutral coloured corsage or floral buttonhole. Alternatively, tell your date’s mum about your plans and ask for her advice on the best coloured flowers to match your date’s outfit.


Planning your school formal?

One of Sydney’s most popular School Formal venues is WatervieW in Bicentennial Park. Its all-inclusive school formal packages offer exceptional value and contain everything you need for a truly special school formal.


For more information, enquire online or call 02 9764 9900 to speak to one of our experienced school formal managers.


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