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For most brides, the flowers they carry are almost as important as their wedding dress – especially for garden weddings. At WatervieW in Bicentennial Park, we see some amazing and beautiful bridal bouquets. Here’s a summary of the trends we have spotted recently.

Subtly different, tone-on-tone effects


Many brides are choosing several different types of flowers, all in the same shade for their wedding bouquet. The slight colour variation between the floral varieties gives the bouquet a more textured look than an arrangement using only one type of flower. We have seen this type of arrangement in many different colour waves and each one looks great.

Organic, unstructured shapes

Another trend we are seeing is a move away from structured floral arrangements to more natural looking ones. There is usually a mixture of heights and types of flowers to give an organic, freshly picked appearance. This look often has trailing ribbons or foliage to add to the unstructured look of the bouquet.

Vines, leaves and berries

Brides are becoming more creative with their bouquets by including lots of foliage, berries and even budding vines to add colour, texture and interest to their flowers. This type of arrangement looks brilliant with informal or vintage styled wedding décor.

Blush and pink tones mixed with white

For traditional or more formal weddings, many brides are choosing to carry flowers in blush, pale pink and white. This colour combination works beautifully against white, ivory, antique lace and blush coloured wedding dresses. It is a soft, feminine look for weddings with a vintage feel.

Eco-friendly, seasonal bouquets

When it comes to price and freshness, florists always recommend selecting seasonal blooms that are locally sourced. This philosophy also extends to eco-conscious brides. Many choose native Australian flowers for their bouquets while others simply ask their florist to recommend the best seasonal blooms for their wedding day.

Garden themed weddings, any time of the year

Couples wanting a garden wedding love WatervieW in Bicentennial Park. Surrounded by magnificent trees, parklands and waterways, it’s a beautiful location at any time of the year.

You can choose to hold your wedding in the park or on the wide, open terraces.


For more information on our garden wedding options, enquire online or phone 02 9764 9900.


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Tradeshows and exhibitions are a great way to introduce your business to potential new customers. But it can be challenging to identify genuinely interested visitors from the merely curious. Not to mention, your competitors are usually present at the same event.

But exhibitions and tradeshows don’t need to be grand affairs in large open warehouses. For some businesses, holding their own exhibition and being in charge of who attends provides great opportunities to showcase their products or services.

These events also provide an opportunity to introduce new products and services to existing customers as well. But finding an appropriate venue can be challenging.

22nd October 2013. Waterview in Bicenntial Park, Homebush. The Independent Liquor group's 38th Annual general Meeting & Trade Show. Photo Milestones Photography A flexible space designed to impress

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park is becoming a popular location for small – medium sized exhibitions. The venue has a pillar less design, high ceilings and flexible floor space to accommodate the requirements of exhibitors.

Its central location makes it easy for your guests to attend and once they arrive there is ample free parking available.

Often the most relaxed time to speak with potential new customers is at the food and beverage stations. WatervieW has a strong reputation for delivering sumptuous meals, canapés and snacks that will delight attendees and set the scene for productive discussions.

Choose an all-inclusive package or customise your exhibition

WatervieW’s standard exhibition package includes 8-hour exhibition room hire, trestle tables, stage, lectern, microphone, PA system and professional wait staff. If you are looking for something different, their experienced and well-connected team of business event managers are able to introduce you to some of Sydney’s best exhibition suppliers.

Like to know more?

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park provides a beautiful location for any type of business event. To learn more about their comprehensive range of business packages, enquire online or call 02 9764 9900.

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