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Add a touch of fun to your next team meeting

February 14th, 2016 by admin

We’ve all experienced it. The collective grumbling of stteam-buildingaff when the day-long team meeting is announced. Instead of embracing the opportunity to get together to collaborate and share ideas, it’s often greeted with dread -closely followed by reasons why they cannot dedicate an entire day to attend.

So how do you overcome the team meeting grumbles?

Eliminate distractions

Holding half or full-day team meetings on-site is never successful because there are too many distractions to disrupt the meeting. Participants will be called away to deal with issues that can usually wait. As a result, they miss important components of the meeting or return late after each break.

By holding team meetings off-site, you are emphasising the importance of the meeting and stressing you require everyone’s full participation.

Set a tight agenda

One of the most common complaints for attending any meeting is that it is a waste of time. By setting an agenda and circulating it before the meeting, you are establishing the meeting will be beneficial and important to the organisation’s future success. An agenda will also provide participants with the opportunity to prepare for each topic so they can actively participate.

Add some fun

If your aim is to boost energy levels and maintain the focus of participants throughout the meeting, you need to provide plenty of breaks and activities toget them moving.

Playing games or pa
rticipating in facilitated team building activitiesis popular because they have the additional benefits of generating conversation and building new relationships between participants. They also add novelty and create memories which are guaranteed to change future perceptions of the value of this type of event.

Easy options for your next business event

Your next business event is only a phone call away with WatervieW’s all-inclusive business event packages. For example, our Team Building Package includes a delicious working lunch, morning and afternoon tea and a choice of 3 fun-filled team building activities facilitated by professionals.

For more information, enquire online or call (02) 9764 9900 to speak to one of our business event managers.