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For most brides, the flowers they carry are almost as important as their wedding dress – especially for garden weddings. At WatervieW in Bicentennial Park, we see some amazing and beautiful bridal bouquets. Here’s a summary of the trends we have spotted recently.

Subtly different, tone-on-tone effects


Many brides are choosing several different types of flowers, all in the same shade for their wedding bouquet. The slight colour variation between the floral varieties gives the bouquet a more textured look than an arrangement using only one type of flower. We have seen this type of arrangement in many different colour waves and each one looks great.

Organic, unstructured shapes

Another trend we are seeing is a move away from structured floral arrangements to more natural looking ones. There is usually a mixture of heights and types of flowers to give an organic, freshly picked appearance. This look often has trailing ribbons or foliage to add to the unstructured look of the bouquet.

Vines, leaves and berries

Brides are becoming more creative with their bouquets by including lots of foliage, berries and even budding vines to add colour, texture and interest to their flowers. This type of arrangement looks brilliant with informal or vintage styled wedding décor.

Blush and pink tones mixed with white

For traditional or more formal weddings, many brides are choosing to carry flowers in blush, pale pink and white. This colour combination works beautifully against white, ivory, antique lace and blush coloured wedding dresses. It is a soft, feminine look for weddings with a vintage feel.

Eco-friendly, seasonal bouquets

When it comes to price and freshness, florists always recommend selecting seasonal blooms that are locally sourced. This philosophy also extends to eco-conscious brides. Many choose native Australian flowers for their bouquets while others simply ask their florist to recommend the best seasonal blooms for their wedding day.

Garden themed weddings, any time of the year

Couples wanting a garden wedding love WatervieW in Bicentennial Park. Surrounded by magnificent trees, parklands and waterways, it’s a beautiful location at any time of the year.

You can choose to hold your wedding in the park or on the wide, open terraces.


For more information on our garden wedding options, enquire online or phone 02 9764 9900.


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Easter weddings are an ideal time for couples looking for something different. Easter also provides an inspirational array of colour and theming ideas to make your wedding different.

Be inspired by nature

Choose your wedding colour palette using the beautiful autumnal tones of deciduous trees. When worn by your bridesmaids, these colours provide a dramatic contrast to your white wedding dress and your groom’s black suit.

Gold, red, crimson and orange coloured leaves are in abundance and make a fabulous backdrop for your wedding day photos.


Photo by: Kristina Curtis Photography

At the reception, use these colours again for table decorations and centrepieces. For a sophisticated, elegant feel to your wedding, consider including luxurious metallic tones in bronze or gold.

Be quirky and fun

Some couples don’t want a traditional wedding setting. Instead they opt for unusual, cute or humorous wedding themes. An Easter wedding has a lot to offer these couples.  By including a bunny motif on invitations, your wedding cake and table décor you can tick all of these boxes.

If you are not a fan of rabbits, consider using chicks or brightly coloured Easter eggs as the theme for your wedding.

Chocolate indulgences

Using Easter eggs as part of your table centrepieces will provide your guests with delicious treats to enjoy throughout the reception. They can also be incorporated into your bonbonniere.

For something different at a garden wedding, place small Easter eggs on each seat for your guests to snack on before the ceremony begins. Alternatively, add fun and entertainment between the ceremony and reception by delighting your guests with an Easter egg hunt.

Of course having chocolate desserts and wedding cake is an obvious inclusion for an Easter wedding.

Fabulous weather

Autumn in Australia is a beautiful time of year. The days are usually warm and sunny while the evening air is crisp and clear. An Easter wedding takes advantage of the great weather you can usually expect at this time of year.

Always a beautiful location

Every day is a beautiful day to get married at WatervieW in Bicentennial Park. Their team of wedding specialists are eager to help you create your wedding day vision – from sophisticated to quirky and everything in between. Enquire online or phone 02 9764 9900.

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leapyear While couples usually discuss the prospect of getting married before the official proposal, a firmly held tradition is that the bloke pops the question.

Can women propose? Well of course they can. We live in a society where we strive to treat both genders equally. But if your guy is a little slow and you can’t wait to be married, tradition says women can propose to men in a leap year. In fact, this tradition dates back to the 13th century!

By the way, if he declines your proposal, tradition also says he needs to buy you a gift like a new dress, gloves or a pair of shoes.

So how do you go about it?

Experts recommend you give some thought to where and how you will propose. They suggest you think about what he likes to do and try to incorporate that into your proposal. For example, if he likes sports, buy tickets to attend a sporting event and ask him to marry you after the game.

Other suggestions are to visit the location of your first date, arrange a weekend away or a wonderful dinner. Then, while you are both relaxed and having fun, you can ask him to marry you.

Do you need to follow any traditions?

There is no need to get down on one knee but you can if you want to. If he is the sort of guy who would ask your parents’ permission to marry you, he will probably love it if you ask his parents for his hand in marriage.
You don’t need to buy him a ring but you might like to buy or make him a gift to mark this special occasion.

How do you ask him to marry you?

The only thing you need to remember to say is “Will you marry me?” because it will clarify that you are not having a general discussion about marriage. You are actually asking him to marry you. Otherwise, speak from the heart or write him a letter that explains why you think he is wonderful and how much you love him. In years to come he may not remember exactly what you said but he will remember how special you made him feel.

Can’t wait to get married?

WatervieW in Bicentennial Park is a beautiful place to hold your engagement party or wedding. They even have Last Minute Wedding packages for couples who can’t wait to get married. Enquire online or call (02) 9764 9900 to speak to one of our friendly event managers.

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The photos and videos of your wedding day are an important record of your big event – capturing a day when you, your friends and your family are looking their best. So how do you make sure everyone’s outfit looks co-ordinated?

Here is our 5 step guide to achieving a gorgeous-looking bridal party.

Step 1: Establish the look and feel you want for your wedding
These days anything goes from highly formal, luxurious weddings to casual beachside weddings and everything in between. Before you can decide on what your bridal party will be wearing, you need to decide on the style of wedding and where it will be held.

neutral bridal party

The neutral tones of this bridal party create an elegant, formal affair beautifully complemented by the lush greens of Bicentennial Park. [Vincent Lai Photography]

Step 2: Look at the décor of your selected venue
Some wedding venues are heritage buildings with prominent décor colours while other venues offer a blank canvas so you can add your own personality. If you have selected a bold and richly decorated reception, you should consider more neutral shades for your bridesmaids’ dresses to avoid a clash of colours. With neutrally coloured venues, you have a wider choice of colours, depending on your preferences along with the skin tone and hair colour of your bridesmaids.

Step 3: Study your bridesmaids’ complexion
If your bridesmaids have similar hair and skin tones they are likely to look great in the same colour. If they have vastly different features, you will need to be careful with your choice of dress colour.

For fair complexions, avoid bright or jewel coloured dresses as their facial features will tend to disappear in the photos. However these colours will look great on your bridesmaids with darker complexions. Dressing your bridesmaids in different shades can create a fabulous effect and ensures everyone looks great.

Step 4: Dress the Groom
Again, the groom’s outfit will depend on the formality and atmosphere you wish to create. Highly formal weddings may see him in a tux. At an informal wedding it might be appropriate for the groom to wear a sports jacket or simply a vest.

Whatever the theme, the groom’s outfit should harmonise with the bride’s dress and set him apart from the groomsmen. This can be achieved by the accessories worn by the groom such as his floral buttonhole, style and colour of his tie or the colour of his cummerbund or vest.

Step 5: Dress the Groomsmen
The groomsmen should complement both the groom and the bridesmaids. That means their suits should be the same or similar to the groom and their accessories should coordinate with the bridesmaids in some way. This can be achieved by the colour of their tie, floral buttonhole or cummerbund.


Creating your dream wedding
If you are dreaming of a truly unique wedding that reflects your personality and style, consider WatervieW in Bicentennial Park. It offers a blank canvas so you can add décor and finishing touches to make your wedding as individual as you are.

Enquire online or call (02) 9764 9900 to speak to one of our helpful wedding event managers.

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Halloween is just around the corner and although we know it’s an American tradition, we can’t help being inspired by the striking hues and dark romance. So here are 13 amazing black wedding dress that are definitely more treat than trick…

1. This sheer perfection

2. Pure opulence from Craig Braybrook Couture

A photo posted by Jeanette Maree (@jeanettemaree) on

3. The ‘Gala’ gown and black veil by Cleo and Clementine

4. This romantic number by Anna Chudova

5. The ‘Lily’ gown by Isabella Couture

A photo posted by Fashion Designer (@liliyadil) on

6. A custom-made piece by Jade Bridal

7. A ‘Dark Princess’ look by Ju.Lee Collection

8. The ‘Jagger’ from And For Love

A photo posted by & FOR LOVE (@andforlove) on

9. Black lace on sandstone lining by Rebecca Schoneveld

10. The ‘Black Swan by Claire La Faye

A photo posted by Claire La Faye (@clairelafaye) on

11. The ‘Neptune’ gown by Galia Lahav

12. The ‘Kristen’ from the Alisa 2016 Dark Angel collection

A photo posted by Alisa (@alisabridal) on

13. ‘Furiosa’ by Elizabeth Dye

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February wedding In many families, wedding photos are passed down from one generation to the next. So how do you make sure you have fabulous photos of your wedding? Here’s our guide.

Choose the right photographer

Your wedding photos will be a permanent record of your special day so don’t choose your photographer based on price. Ask friends and recently married family members if they were happy with their photographer. If you are considering using someone you don’t know, ask to see examples of the photographer’s work and speak to a couple of past clients.

Select your style

These days, wedding photos can be far more interesting than a line-up of family members. In fact, some photographers specialise in particular styles such as quirky, vintage, romantic, Trash the Dress and classic. If you have a particular style of wedding photo in mind, make sure your photographer is happy to do this style and again, ask to see examples of their work.

Make a list of must-have shots

There may be certain moments of your wedding ceremony and reception you want photographed. Give your photographer a list of these moments along with a schedule of the day so s/he will know when to expect them. If your ceremony or reception is being held in a scenic location, there may also be location shots you want to include in your wedding album so advise your photographer in advance.

Give your photographer a knowledgeable assistant

Weddings are often the only time families come together. As a result, there may be family group photos you want to include in your album. It can be hard for the photographer to know who everyone is so ask a friend or family member to assist the photographer by identifying key family members. Your nominated assistant may also need to find key people for the big family photos so make sure he or she is both diplomatic and assertive.

A beautiful location

Many couples choose WatervieW in Bicentennial Park for its beautiful parkland setting and the opportunity to have their wedding ceremony and reception in the one stunning location.

Enquire online or call 02 9764 9900 to speak to one of our experienced wedding event managers.

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Waterview_eDM April_Tile3 When your bridesmaids have different body shapes and complexions, it can be a nightmare finding a dress that suits everyone. I know. I am one of four bridesmaids at my best friend’s wedding.

I can tell you, it became quite heated when an outfit or colour looked fabulous on some of us but disastrous on the others. Our figures and heights are quite different and we simply couldn’t find anything that made everyone look good.

While the day is about the bride, none of us wanted to feel unattractive or self-conscious. So I volunteered to do some research on how to find an outfit that will make every bridesmaid look good.

Here’s what I discovered.

Tip 1: Share your vision for your wedding

As you and your fiancé are planning your wedding, you’ll start to build a picture of how you want it to look and feel. The style of your wedding will influence the style of the bridesmaids’ dresses. If you share your ideas and plans, you’ll be helping your bridesmaids understand your expectations of what they will be wearing.

Tip 2: Be considerate of your bridesmaids’ opinions

You want your bridesmaids to feel confident and attractive in an outfit that suits their body shape, so consult with them. For example, some women feel self-conscious in dresses that are strapless, backless or have plunging necklines. If this is the case for any of your bridesmaids, eliminate these styles from your options.

Tip 3: There are safer options

If your bridesmaids have very different body shapes, try A-line or empire style dresses. They will look good on most body shapes.

Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

There isn’t a rule that says all of your bridesmaids must wear the same dress. Mixing styles or colours can add an extra dimension to the appearance of your bridal party. However, if you would like a more uniform look, consider choosing different dress styles in the same colour or the same style of dress in different colours. This allows you to balance different body shapes and complexions so everyone looks good on your wedding day.

Planning your wedding is such an exciting time but it can be a little stressful. So if your bridesmaids are being troublesome, remind them you are the bride! When everyone has calmed down, try to find a compromise everyone will be happy with. After all, your wedding is one day, but good friendships should last forever.

If you are looking for your perfect wedding venue, talk to the specialist wedding planners at WatervieW in Bicentennial Park. With a beautiful park location and flexible wedding packages, the WatervieW team can help you create a day as unique as you are.


For more information or to enquire online visit http://www.waterviewvenue.com.au/sydney-wedding-venues

Or speak to one of our experienced wedding planners on 02 9764 9900.

First things first, set your wedding date, confirm the venue and send out your invitations. Now you can’t confirm your wedding seating plan until your guests have RSVP’d but you can certainly start laying the foundation. Here are a few helpful tips to assist you with the process and eliminate any, or at least some of the potential stress!

6 Tips on How to Prepare a Wedding Seating Plan

  1. Guest list: From your invitation list note all of your guests individually, this will show how many people you are expecting from each friend and family group. If you find there is a large number, separate them by age, common interests, how well they each other and how closely they are connected to you.
  2. Grouping your guests: Using the above categories begin to join people together who you think will work well on a table. We suggest groups of 10 as this is the preferred table size at most wedding reception venues. Think about how your groups will interact with one another and try to mix it up a bit. You may have some individuals so perhaps try and put them together and also aim to keep the average age group and/or interests as similar as possible.
  3. Floor plan: Contact your reception venue’s Event Manager and ask for a draft floor plan for the wedding seating plan with the maximum number of tables the space will allow, this way you will  have the opportunity to maximize the space according to your guest numbers. This will also help you to allocate guests to certain tables depending on their position.
    1. Closest Family & Friends: The tables closest to the bridal table, those that outline the dance floor, and those with no obstruction of the bridal table are generally reserved for your VIP guests.  Keep in mind these tables are also best for elderly guests who may not be able to hear the speeches from the back of the room or a less mobile than others. Another point to consider is your guests may not appreciate being right next to a speaker!
    2. Other Family Relatives: These people may be cousins, distant aunties and uncles.  It is perfectly fine to place these guests within the second row this may also allow them to be seated with other family relatives they are close with like their own children or guests of the same age.
    3. Other Friends & Work Colleagues: These guests are likely to be connected within similar groups and ages. Unfortunately sometimes these guests are seated at the back of the venue however they will generally not mind as most of their time will be spent on the dance floor.
  4. Bridal Table:Combinations to consider as options for your bridal table on the wedding seating plan.
    1. Bridal Party Only
    2. Parents & Siblings Only
    3. Bridal Party & Parents with option of allocated seats at VIP tables also
    4. Flower Girl & Page Boy included or not included
    5. Guests of honor: i.e., close relative who has travelled far to attend this special occasion
  5. Place cards, Table List or Free Seating:All options have their pros and cons, it all depends on the style of wedding you would like.
    1. Place cards – This is generally one per person or one per couple which dictates what table your guests will be sitting on and the designated seat at that table.
    2. Table List – This is when the guests are allocated to a table but have the option to sit wherever they choose on that table.
    3. Free Seating – This occurs when a seat nor table have been allocated for your guests, however you can select to reserve VIP tables for closest relatives and friends
  6. Helpful Hints: During the above process here are some extra hints and tips for the wedding seating plan to get you through:
    1. Be sure to speak with fellow friends and family who have been recently married as they will have endless advice on what helped them or even secure an example of their guest list & floor plan for your reference.
    2. Consider putting crayons and colouring books on tables to keep your younger guests entertained.
    3. Always sit younger children with their parents but consider a separate table for the older children together.
    4. Be very prepared for last minute changes – make the seating chart as late as you can.
    5. As a substitute for table numbers why not try something different and name tables after things or places that are important to you and your partner e.g., name of the place/s where you both grew up, first met, the suburb you plan to reside in together, etc. This is always a great conversation starter for your guests sitting on the table.

Here at WatervieW in Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park, wedding venue Sydney, your Event Manager is here to help you every step of the way, to ensure that your wedding reception is without any doubt MAGIC!

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