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How to plan a dessert buffet that will delight your guests

February 25th, 2016 by admin


Everyone loves a sweat treat and dessert buffets are a fantastic way to give your special occasion a spectacular finish. They also provide your guests with an opportunity to mingle with each other while they are visiting the dessert buffet.

If you are including a dessert buffet at your next celebration, here are 5 top tips to ensure it is a fabulous success.


  1. A feast for the eyesiStock_000036247612_smally

The key to a beautifully presented dessert buffet is the way the desserts are displayed. Add visual variety by presenting the desserts at different heights using cake stands, colourful boxes, baskets, wooden trays and china or glass platters.

If your special celebration has a particular theme or colour, include some of these elements into the buffet’s presentation. Adding flowers, candles and other decorations will also enhance the visual appeal of your dessert buffet.


  1. How many desserts per person?

Allowing 3-4 mini desserts per person is normally a good number.
Don’t overwhelm your guests with too many options. It is better to have fewer choices but plenty of them to make sure everyone has the chance to select their favourite.


  1. Mix it up

While most people love chocolate, some don’t so try to include a range of different flavours in your dessert buffet.

Consider selecting desserts that represent the cultural background of your family or mini versions of your family’s favourite special occasion desserts.


  1. Make them easy to serve

No-one likes to queue so make sure each dessert is quick, easy and fuss-free for your guests to add to their plate.

Mini versions of classic desserts are ideal. Another option is to serve desserts in shot glasses or oversized spoons that are easy to pick-up.


  1. Add some fun

One of the best aspects of having a dessert buffet is the opportunity to add fun and novelty to your celebration. For example, include whimsical elements such as lollypops or cupcakes decorated to match your theme. Another idea is to invite guests to make their own ice-cream sundaes by providing a selection of ice-cream flavours, toppings and sprinkles.

Let the theme and reason for your celebration inspire your imagination so you can create a dessert buffet with a difference.


Planning a special occasion?

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