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Organise Meetings & Conferences Effectively – 7 Helpful Tips

November 27th, 2012 by admin

How To Organise MeetingsAre you the lucky one that has been selected to organise meetings or conferences for your company?

We are assuming conference organising is not your primary role but an additional task on top of the possible 101 other things you have on your plate!  That being the case, we have prepared some tips that may make the process that little bit easier for you, save you some valuable time and have you looking like a professional conference organiser!

  1. Purpose and Objectives: Establish a solid understanding of the purpose of the event, the audience and the desired outcomes. This is really important as this will have an impact on the style and location of the event venue you set out to find.
  2. Budget:Is there an established budget for the event and what are the expected inclusions? Some of things to consider are when you organise meetings:
    1. Guest Speaker & their expected inclusions
    2. Meeting room hire
    3. Arrival tea & coffee / morning and afternoon tea / lunch / beverages
    4. Note pads and pens
    5. Jugs of water and mints on tables
    6. Delegate registration desk
    7. Parking
    8. Audio Visual Equipment
    9. Required handouts for your attendees on the day
    10. Invitation to be sent to delegates
    11. Name tags
    12. Post conference drinks and canapés
  3. Venue:Choose a venue that is central for the majority of your delegates, accessible and easy for delegates to find.
    1. Site Inspection: Once you have shortlisted the venues that you are considering it is a good idea, if you haven’t been to the venue before, to visit it personally before confirming your booking. This way you not only can see exactly what the facility looks like but also meet the venues’ team as you will be counting on them to deliver on the day. An established relationship prior to the day can be helpful.
    2. Parking/Amenities: Is there parking available on site? Is the venue easily accessible for delegates requiring disability facilities e.g. parking, wheelchair ramps and amenity access near your meeting room?
    3. Special Diets: Can the venue adequately accommodate any special dietary requirements e.g., Halal, ceoliac, vegetarian?
    4. Designated Conference Coordinator on site: Most professional conference/meeting venues will have an in-house Conference or Event Coordinator to assist you from the time of your enquiry to the conclusion of your event at the venue.  This ensures you have a ‘go to’ person on site to assist you from a venue perspective every step of the way.
  4. Accommodation: If you have interstate or international delegates or if the event is running over a few days, accommodation nearby will be an important consideration. If you require a few accommodation rooms, making a group booking could be worthwhile to ensure accommodation is secured for you and your delegates, along with the best possible guest room rate.  Your venue representative should be able to guide you here and recommend suitable accommodation nearby.
  5. Survey/Evaluation: At the conclusion of the event an evaluation/feedback form is always a great idea. There is a variety of ways these surveys can be conducted from handing out a one page sheet on the day for delegates to complete prior to departure or, sending an electronic survey after the event.  This will give you valuable feedback when you organise meetings or next event.
  6. The Venue’s Event Coordinator will want to know:
    1. Your desired layout of the meeting/conference room
    2. Your menu selection, the venue will present you with options of each food and beverage service i.e., Morning & Afternoon Tea, Lunch etc.
    3. Details for any materials that will be delivered to the venue prior to your event
    4. What time you expect access to your meeting room
    5. Your VIP’s attending
    6. Method of Payment
  7. Directions: Prior to the event, ensure you have everything you need to make it easy for your delegates to find your meeting room.  Inform them of the exact name and address of the venue and clear directions on how to get to the venue and the meeting room.  Most venues would have this information on their website ready for you to email or download for your delegates. Providing the link to the venues website is a good idea.

We hope these 7 tips will help you organise meetings that little bit easier.

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